Opportunities for Outreach on Campus

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Children's Issues Organizations and Projects

Pediatric Interest Student Association (PISA)

They have a number of contacts to work with kids on a regular basis as well as annual projects such as a Christmas Party at Le Bonheur.

For more information contact:

Mollie Anderson Wells
Email: utpedsgroup@gmail.com
Website: Pediatrics Interest Group

Minority Issues Organizations and Projects

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Has a number of protocols (or projects) involved in extensive community outreach. Some of these include: encouraging interest in the medical professions among minorities for elementary age up to college age students (as well as aiding those students as they pursue a career in medicine), violence prevention with adolescents, participation in local health fairs, tutoring sessions for area students, sex education for teens, AIDS education, ACT preparation for high school students, tissue organ donor education and recruitment project, working with young girls to teach self-awareness and self-respect, and spending social time with children in local hospitals.

For more information contact:
Mallory Anne Mitchell
Email: mmitch52@uthsc.edu

Black Student Association (BSA)

Involved in minority issues and projects similar to those listed above for the SNMA.

For more information contact:
Otis Anderson
Email: oanderson3@rocketmail.com

Association of American Physicians from India (AAPI)

Projects include work with Habitat for Humanity.

For more information contact:
Safeer Ashraf
Email: sashraf@uthsc.edu

Hispanic Issues

Clínica Esperanza
Clínica Esperanza (Clinic of Hope) serves uninsured, Hispanic patients each Wednesday evening from 5:30-9:00 pm. With the support of Christ Community Clinic, Clínica Esperanza has helped meet the medical needs of hundreds of patients over the last three years. The clinic is completely run by volunteers. Student volunteers from all four medical school classes come each week and serve as interpreters, work in the lab, help update patient records, and interview and examine patients under the direction of attending physicians. The attending physicians from the departments of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Ob/Gyn provide patients with excellent care, while exemplifying for the students the importance of serving in the community as an essential part of the medical profession. Clínica Esperanza would also like to thank our faculty sponsors, Dr. Adams-Graves, Dr. Ellis, Dr. Lewis, and Dr. Steinhauer for their continued support as volunteer attendings. Clínica Esperanza is located at 2861 Broad Avenue in the Christ Community building. If you would like more information about Clínica Esperanza, please E-mail clinicaesperanza@uthsc.edu.

Caritas Village
Provides Compassion Neighborhood Clinic, a free medical clinic of all-volunteer staff, every Tuesday night 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Doctors and nurses treat minor adult and childhood illnesses, help find doctors to treat chronic illnesses, and provide health education. http://www.caritasvillage.org/about.htmlexternal link

Religious-Based Groups Involved in Service

Baptist Student Union (BSU)

Involved in both ongoing local community service projects as well as opportunities to participate in international mission trips.

For more information contact:
memphisbcm.com/about-uthsc.bmc.htmlexternal link

Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMDS)

Involved in both ongoing local community service projects as well as opportunities to participate in international mission trips.

For more information contact:
Ken Nippert
Email: cmds@mindspring.com

Miscellaneous Organizations and Projects

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

In addition to an extensive online database for international opportunities on the national website, the UTHSC campus sector of AMSA provides opportunities for involvement in global health education and outreach.

Global Health Representative:
David McCormickdmccorm4@uthsc.edu

Phi Chi Fraternity

Local outreach projects include Habitat for Humanity and Heart Disease education for 4th and 5th graders through Variety Heart House.

For more information contact:
Zachary Nahmias
Email: znahmias@uthsc.edu

UTHSC School of Pharmacy

Medical students have been invited to participate in the many projects organized by the school of Pharmacy. Some of these projects include: Ongoing blood pressure sreenings, Immunization drives, work with the Loving Arms kids (kids affected either directly or indirectly by HIV), asthma education programs, and patient medication review.

For more information contact:
Natalie Tate
Email: ntate@uthsc.edu