Campus Holiday Food Drive To Benefit the Mid-South Food Bank

November 11th to December 2nd

The UT Health Science Center is excited to launch its yearlong effort to benefit the Mid-South Food Bank. Pocket change, as well as canned food items, will be collected to help feed those in need.

The Mid-South Food Bank is facing a severe food shortage, and it needs our help. According to the Mid-South Food Bank website, "20 percent of the population has experienced food insecurity or hunger in the last 12 months. That's more than 415,000 people. Of that number, 27 percent have incomes above the level that qualifies for food stamps. They make too much money for food stamps, but still struggle to feed themselves or their families."

Due to high unemployment, and the overall economic downturn, the number of those in need continues to increase. Here is a highlight of those who are served by the Mid-South Food Bank. Through our donations the UT Health Science Center will be helping a wide variety of people in need. With your help, we know we can make a difference again this year.

2012 Final Results

Thank you for actively contributing to the success of our Fifth Annual Campus Holiday Food Drive.  You donated 2,922 pounds of food and $1,240 in monetary donations.  This resulted in more than three tons of food, providing 4,800+ meals for families in need.

During the summer of 2012, the UTHSC campus took part in a community outreach initiative by giving pocket change — pennies, nickels, dimes, dollars and checks — for a total of $2,000 in monetary donations. This was called “Packing the Orange Piggy Banks – with our pocket change” and yielded more than two and a half tons of food, providing 4,000 meals for families in need.  Our UTHSC total impact for 2012 was more than 8,800+ meals!

For 2012, the UTHSC has truly shown its dedication and support to improving the lives of Tennesseans and residents of this region.  We appreciate the team leaders who worked so hard to help make this possible.

Thanks again, UTHSC, for being so generous and responding to the call to "Feed the Need."

Watch a video about the Food Bank

The Mid-South Food Bank:

  • serves the hungry in 31 counties, including 12 counties in Tennessee, one in Arkansas, and 18 in Mississippi.
  • benefits nearly 347 charitable feeding programs, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Neighborhood Christian Center and the Salvation Army
  • distributed 12,100,000 pounds of food and grocery items last year, the equivalent of more than 10,083,000 meals in 2012.
  • feeds approximately 415,760 different people annually; that's 21,000 people each week who depend on the Food Bank for their next meal.
  • turns a donated $1 into $6.75 worth of food or $1 provides 3 meals.

Monetary donations are also accepted. Those who prefer to make this kind of contribution should contact the food drive representative in their building or go online at external link icon If money is donated online, please enter as the e-mail, so that UTHSC's contributions can be tracked collectively.  

Assisting the Mid-South Food Bank, which is located a few blocks away on South Dudley Street, allows the Health Science Center to reinforce our commitment to our mission, which includes improving health through public service. We encourage each employee and student to bring a bag of food for the campus food drive.

Drop Box locations

Drop-off boxes have been strategically located throughout the campus. Look for boxes in the following buildings:

  • 910 Madison Building, Suite 722
    (Barbara Patton, 8-5600  HR)
  • 920 Madison Building, Suite 407
    (Felicia Washington, 8-4577  Graduate College)
  • 920 Madison Building, Suite 1050
    (Ramona Jackson, 8-6149 Nursing)
  • 930 Madison Building, Suite 600
    (Linda Johnson, 8-2042 Allied Health)
  • Alexander Building, 7th Floor Lobby
    (Gail Perry, 8-5841 - IT)
  • Campus Police, Squad Room
    (Officer Veronica Jones, 8-4444)
  • Cancer Research Building, Room 152
    (Andrea Briggs, 8-4800 Cancer Research)
  • Coleman Building, Room D328
    (Gail House, 8-4630 - Medicine)
  • Dunn Dental, S102
    (Brenda Scott, 8-1285 Dentistry)
  • Facilities, 1st & 3rd Floors
    (Stanley Tyler, 8-5661)
  • General Ed. Bldg. (GEB)
    1st Floor, adjacent to police booth
    (Carol Mason, 8-6960 GEB)
  • Hyman Building, Suite 400
    (Elise Moore, 8-5618 Special Events)
  • LINK Building, Suite 500
    (Brenda Smith, 8-5957 Anatomy)
  • Molecular Sciences Bldg., 1st Floor
    (C. Sue Farmer, 8-2883 Molecular Sci. Bldg.)
  • Nash Building, Suite 426
    (Michelle Lester, 8-5822 Physiology)
  • Pharmacy Building, Suite 200
    (Vicki Antwine, 8-6802 Pharmacy)
  • Pauline Building, Suite 633
    (Barbara Jerden, 8-6339 – Preventive Med)
  • Student Alumni Center (SAC), Suite 300
    (Emily Cooley, 448-5610)

Items Needed

Items Needed Most:
(Please no glass containers)

  • Canned meats
  • Chili, Stew and Soups
  • Chicken and dumplings
  • Tuna
  • Peanut butter
  • Canned fruits
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned 100% juices
  • Canned milk
  • Any non-perishable item

Other Needed Non-food Items:
(Please do NOT mix food and non-food items together)

  • Monetary contributions {coins, dollars and checks}
  • Paper towels, plates, napkins, cups, plastic utensils
  • Toilet paper
  • Personal care items: toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant
  • Laundry and dish soap
  • Other cleaning products